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Jigsaw puzzle artwork by

Jan van Haasteren


Wasgij - Destiny Jigsaw Puzzles

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"WASGIJ?" is jigsaw backwards!
Our most popular puzzle range, with WASGIJ puzzles the picture on the box is not the one you will complete. It's similar, but just a clue. There are lots of little twists on the concept, each with it's own series of WASGIJ puzzles:

Original Wasgij, where the puzzle is the scene on the box viewed from a different perspective; Mystery Wasgij, where the puzzle picture is the box scene just a few moments later; Destiny Wasgij, where you imagine what the box scene would look like decades into the future; Back To Wasgij, where you think back to what the scene would have looked like hundreds of years ago; and Imagine Wasgij, where you imagine how it could all look very different if, for example, the wheel had not been invented.

There's extra hints on the back of the box if you get stuck, and don't worry, they're not too challenging - but be warned they are very addictive and lots of fun!

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