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Let's Visit Santa!

Let's Visit Santa! (RB15354-1), a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle by Ravensburger. Click to view larger image

Jigsaw Puzzle Details

Price: $31.95
Pieces: 1000
Manufacturer: Ravensburger of Germany

Theme: Christmas (view more)
Product Number: 15354-1
Dimensions: 70.0 x 50.0 cm
Availability: Not currently available
Please Note
Unfortunately this product is currently not available for purchase.

The Christmas Cupboard

The Christmas Cupboard. Click to view this product
1000 pieces, $39.95
Santa's Little Helpe...

Santa's Little Helpe.... Click to view this product
1000 pieces, $31.95
Turkey's Delight (Ch...

Turkey's Delight (Ch.... Click to view this product
1000 pieces, $31.95
Disney All Aboard fo...

Disney All Aboard fo.... Click to view this product
1000 pieces, $39.95
St Nicolas Parade

St Nicolas Parade. Click to view this product
1000 pieces, $31.95
3D Puzzle Christmas ...

3D Puzzle Christmas .... Click to view this product
54 pieces, $29.95
Christmas Biscuits

Christmas Biscuits. Click to view this product
1500 pieces, $43.95
Christmas Pantomine

Christmas Pantomine. Click to view this product
1000 pieces, $31.95

Storage and Display
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About the Manufacturer, Ravensburger
Ravensburger is considered by many to be the world's leading puzzle-maker. Founded in Ravensburg, Germany, in 1883, their products are now sold in over 80 countries worldwide.

Ravensburger produce a wide range of puzzles in all sizes for both children and adults.

· Handmade cutting tools ensure that no two pieces are alike · Pieces that fit snugly · Grained paper ensures glare free picture · Strong pieces that don't break · Made from special recycled board
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