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Calm on the Canal! (Original Wasgij 33)

Artist: Dick Heins

Calm on the Canal! (Original Wasgij 33) (HOL772551), a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle by Holdson. Click to view larger image

1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Price: $31.95
Manufacturer: Holdson of New Zealand

Theme: Wasgij - Original (view more)
Product Number: 772551
Dimensions: 68.8 x 49.3 cm
Availability: In Stock (Melbourne warehouse)


The picture you see on the lid is not the puzzle picture; it is simply a clue to what the puzzle picture is!

Wasgij Original 33: Calm on the Canal! Is the brilliantly funny 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle that illustrates a lovely day on the canal. The image printed on the front of the box depicts a man cruising down the canal on his boat. When suddenly he hears something behind him, causing him and the people around to stop and stare! What could be happening to get this surprised reaction from everyone? Try to imagine you are the farmer on the bridge and what he can see.

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Storage and Display
Protect, store, transport and display your puzzle for years to come:
Portapuzzle (up to 1500pc)

Portapuzzle (up to 1500pc). Click to view this product
Sale Price: $99.95 (was $129.95)

About the Manufacturer, Holdson
Auckland-based Holdson design and manufacture a range of quality puzzles with local tastes.

For many years they have also been the local manufacter of many Jumbo and Falcon puzzles, including the Wasgij range.
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