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Dandelion Fun (Chance Encounter) Large Pieces

Artist: Bridget Voth

Dandelion Fun (Chance Encounter) Large Pieces (HOL773336), a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle by Holdson. Click to view larger image

500 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This puzzle features oversized extra-large pieces, with approx. 100% larger area than those in a regular 1000 piece puzzle
Clearance Sale Price: $21.95 (was $31.95)
Manufacturer: Holdson of New Zealand

Theme: Large Pieces (view more)
Product Number: 773336
Dimensions: 68.8 x 49.3 cm
Availability: Not currently available
Please Note
Unfortunately this product is currently not available for purchase.

Artist Bridget Voth's love of art was evident from a young age. Encouraged to persue her passion, Bridget would spend countless hours attempting to reacreate on paper what she had seen outside. Self taught with guidance from her high school art teacher, Bridget's artistic abilities have improved over time and she continues to further her art career worldwide. Well known for her animals in whimsical scenes, the titles of this collection are: Blue Winter Friend, Danedelion Fun, I Put A Spell On You and The Ladybug. Each design is sold seperately. Collect all four titles.

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About the Manufacturer, Holdson
Auckland-based Holdson design and manufacture a range of quality puzzles with local tastes.

For many years they have also been the local manufacter of many Jumbo and Falcon puzzles, including the Wasgij range.
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