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Historia Comica - Part 1

Artist: Marino Degano

Historia Comica - Part 1 (HEY29341), a 4000 piece jigsaw puzzle by HEYE. Click to view larger image.Click to view larger image

Jigsaw Puzzle Details

Price: $79.95
Pieces: 4000
Manufacturer: HEYE of Germany

Theme: Cartoons (view more)
Product Number: 29341
Dimensions: 136.0 x 96.0 cm
Availability: In stock


Marino Degano invites you to a sensational and humorous journey through history. He presents the most important events from the big bang until today with such an amount of wit and fun that you remember more about history by smiling and laughing than you would in any history class.

Available as a two part series of 4000pc puzzles, it's a hilarious challenge.

Part 2 spans -13,700 BC to the Birth of Jesus. Part 1 covers the years 10 AD to the present day.

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Historia Comica - Part 1 (HEY29341), a 4000 piece jigsaw puzzle by HEYE. Click to view larger image.Click to view larger image

About the Manufacturer, HEYE
HEYE Verlag was founded in 1962 in Germany by Friedrich W. Heye, with a philosophy is to create happiness and excitement and to make people smile. The brand's ongoing range of hilarious cartoon puzzles from a wide range of artists certainly do that, whilst more recently artists such as Victoria Frances have built a new range of Heye puzzles featuring gothic and fantasy images.

Today HEYE produce a wide range of quality puzzles, which are often presented in their distinctive triangular boxes.

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