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Orange (Rainbow Project)

Artist: Shelley Davies

Orange (Rainbow Project) (COB80147), a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle by Cobble Hill. Click to view larger image

1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Price: $29.95
Manufacturer: Cobble Hill of USA

Theme: Crafts (view more)
Product Number: 80147
Dimensions: 67.6 x 48.9 cm
Availability: Not currently available
Please Note
Unfortunately this product is currently not available for purchase.

This special 1000 piece puzzle by artist Shelley Davies celebrates all things Orange. It's one in a series of seven puzzles that make up a rainbow theme when all are completed and aligned next to each other, spanning 15.5 feet. Ribbons of the word, "orange" are spelled out in multiple languages, along with knick knacks and a pencil with the artist's name on it. It's the perfect pick me up that says, "Orange you glad you picked this puzzle?!" The Rainbow Collection is a unique puzzle designed and photographed exclusively for Cobble Hill in Victoria, BC.

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Storage and Display
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Portapuzzle (up to 1000pc)

Portapuzzle (up to 1000pc). Click to view this product
Sale Price: $79.95 (was $31.95)

About the Manufacturer, Cobble Hill
Cobble Hill was founded in 2005 with a desire to bring quality puzzles with a loving, whimsical, nostalgic feel to jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts around the world!

Our quality jigsaw puzzles have been described as nostalgic, lively, endearing, sweet, and durable. We use high-quality linen paper, which reduces glare and makes it the perfect piece to frame as art in your home. You'll find the durable blue board back pleasing to your fingers as you snap each piece snuggly into place. To ensure we entertain a wide variety of puzzle experts and novices, we offer puzzles ranging from 2000 piece, 1000 piece, 500 piece, 400 piece Family Puzzle, 275 piece Easy Handling, and a good range of kids puzzles.

In an ever growing technological market, it has become increasingly more important to find ways to bring families and friends together in a social atmosphere that lends to good conversations and quality time together. But don't feel guilty if you want to fix the puzzle by yourself...we'll understand why!
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