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The Coronation of Emperor Napoleon I

Artist: Jacques Louis David

The Coronation of Emperor Napoleon I (CLE 31416), a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle by Clementoni. Click to view larger image.Click to view larger image

Jigsaw Puzzle Details

Price: $27.95
Pieces: 1000
Manufacturer: Clementoni of Italy

Theme: Art - The Masters (view more)
Product Number: 31416
Dimensions: 47.7 x 67.7 cm
Availability: In stock


Clementoni has successfully pioneered the perfect relationship between art and jigsaw puzzles for many years. This is why we have decided to premiere a project of considerable importance and prestige to emphasise once again its leading role in the world of jigsaw puzzles: a superb art range including the most beautiful and most famous works of art on show in the world's leading Museums. Each jigsaw puzzle comes in an elegant box in terms of size, colour and gilt printing methods, together with remarks about each painter and each work. From the Louvre to the Centre Pompidou, from Leonardo to Picasso, the Museum Collection range transforms ageless art into exclusive jigsaw puzzles.

About the Manufacturer, Clementoni
Most Clementoni games and puzzles are developed, tested and produced in Recanati, Italy. Clementoni has been in the trade for almost forty years and is now the biggest Italian producer of games and jigsaw puzzles.

The company philisophy states that "Games are fundamental to the happiness and balanced development of the individual. They accompany us through all the phases of our lives and we should never stop playing, especially when we grow up".

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