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Serengeti National Park (Day to Night)

Artist: Stephen Wilkes

Serengeti National Park (Day to Night) (CLE 10001), a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle by 4D Cityscape. Click to view larger image

1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Price: $11.95
Manufacturer: 4D Cityscape of Canada

Theme: Landscapes (view more)
Product Number: 10001
Dimensions: 76.4 x 45.6 cm
Availability: In Stock (Melbourne warehouse)


In March of 2015 I travelled to Tanzania, Africa to photograph a 'Day to Night' during the peak of migration. After weeks of scouting, I discovered a watering hole within the Serengeti National Park. We built a platform approximately 18 feet above the ground with a crocodile blind on top, which I photographed from and remained inside with my assistant for 26 consecutive hours, capturing these incredible species coming together to share this one sacred resource: water. The best frames were then seamlessly blended together based on where they were in time, showing the actual transition as day gives way to night. - Stephen Wilkes

Stephen Wilkes is one of America's most iconic photographers, widely recognized for his fine art, editoral and commercial work. 'Day to Night', Wilkes's most defining project, began in 2009. These epic cityscapes and landscapes portrayed from a fixed camera angle for up to 30 hours capture fleeting moments as light passes in front of his lens over the course of a full day. The images are then painstakingly and seamlessly blended together, capturing the passage of time within a single frame. There are 6 titles in the series to collect.

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About the Manufacturer, 4D Cityscape
4D Cityscape began producing layered, three dimensional jigsaw models of cities. The fourth dimension is the element of time, which connects the third layer of the puzzle with a poster showing where to locate & place each building on the map according to the year it was built, and allows the model to reflect any point in the history of the city's development.

Based in Canada and producing quality puzzles in Canada and China, 4D Cityscape now produce a range of regular puzzles, such as the very popular Stephen Wilkes 'Day to Night' photographic series - which also depicts the passage of time.
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